1837 : Michigan’s First State Flag Unfurled

February 22, 2018 all-day

Michigan’s first state flag debuted Feb. 22, 1837.

According to the State of Michigan’s Department of History, Arts and Libraries, it was also known as the Brady Guard flag when it was first presented by Gov. Stevens T. Mason to the Detroit Brady Guard, the earliest incarnation of the Michigan National Guard.

The flag, which was described as “an elegant white silk banner,” bore the state’s coat of arms and was the first of three state flags unfurled during Michigan’s history.

Not long after its introduction, the flag was lost for 50 years. It was rediscovered in the basement of the Capitol – just in time for the celebration of Michigan’s 75th birthday. The flag went missing once again until a remnant was found and displayed in 2003 as part of the state’s Michigan Week festivities.

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