1912 : Senator William Alden Smith Helps Michigan Claim Three Obsolete Cannon

August 24, 2018 all-day

There was a time when Michigan was anxious to claim loot from Washington, D.C.   According to the Detroit Free Press, the U.S. Senate raffled off 150 obsolete cannon from the nation’s arsenal on August 24, 1912. Senator William Alden Smith helped Michigan claim three, with carriages and cannon balls, for Ann Arbor, Hillsdale, and Jackson for the price of freight.

Senator William Alden Smith earned fame earlier in the same year by presiding over the Titanic Inquiry.

Source : “Senators Hold Cannon Raffle : Michigan Draws Three Out of Total of 150 Distributed. Favored States Merely Have To Pay the Freignt”. Detroit Free Press, August 25, 1912, p. 4. For more interesting information from yesteryear, check out the online Historical Detroit Free Press, 1858-1922, in the MSU Main Library.

Wade, Wyn Craig. “The Senator and the Shipwreck.” Michigan History 63 (November/December 1979): 10-19.

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