1966 : UFOs Spotted in Ann Arbor

March 14, 2022 all-day

Ann Arbor UFO Sketch

This is how ‘It’ Looked: This drawing of one of the unidentified flying objects reported over Dexter Township last night was made by Sheriff’s Cpl. David B. Severance from descriptions provided by a half-dozen deputies and area residents. All witnesses generally agreed on the shape and size of the objects and on the colored lights which appeared on them.  Ann Arbor News, March 21, 1966.

In the early morning hours of March 14, 1966, Washtenaw County sheriff’s deputies reported sighting “four strange flying objects” in Lima Township. Soon police agencies from Livingston County, Monroe County and Sylvania, Ohio were also reporting “red-green  objects . . . moving at fantastic speeds.” By the end of the day the  Civil Defense and U.S. Air Force were called in to an investigation that has never really ended for many of those involved.

March 14, 1966 article from the Ann Arbor news described the area’s initial UFO sighting.  (Source : Ann Arbor District Library Newspaper Archive)

Source : “Close Encounters in Washtenaw County”, Old News, May 30, 2012.

Drawing of UFO Sighted at Mannor Farm in 1966 , Ann Arbor News, March 21, 1966.

1966 : The Year UFOs Came to Michigan


Flying Saucer

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