1971: Rocket Fired into Outer Space from Kewenaw Peninsula

January 29, 2023 all-day

Did you know Michigan’s first rocket to launch into space came from a site in the Keweenaw?

The State of Michigan established a rocket range at this location. It was active from 1964-1971. The first rocket was launched on January 29th, 1971. In tribute to this historic work done, this memorial stone was placed during the summer of 2000.

This site is accessible to the public but is challenging to get to. From this location you are able to see Manitou Island and Lake Superior—the views from here are truly awe-inspiring. Not much remains of the rocket launch testing site other than the memorial stone and a slab of concrete.

Reference: Wikipedia/KRR


Source: Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula Facebook Page, May 2, 2018.