2013 : Official State Song Controversy

February 14, 2018 all-day

The Challenger:

Rep. Frank Foster (R-Petoskey) introduced HB 4263 to make “Michigan Man,” by Mike Ridley of Iron River, the official state song.

The Official “Michigan Man Music Video” by Mike Ridley. Mike Ridley has performed his original Michigan Man song throughout Michigan – some have suggested it should be the official state song – now you can enjoy his performance with favorite scenes from our great state. For more information contact jane@mcvideo.com or http://www.mcvideo.com

A Sentimental Favorite

Michigan My Michigan sung by Jeff Daniels. A tribute to the Michigan men who fought and died during the American Civil War. The photos in the video are drawn from the state archives, various other public sources, the Internet, and personal collection of the creator.

History of the Adoption of “My Michigan” as an Official Song of the State of Michigan (Concurrent Resolution No. 17 in 1937)

Various lyrics to Michigan, My Michigan, Michigan Historical Museum.