2015 : Rev. Al Sharpton Speaks at MSU

February 26, 2018 all-day

As about 600 people assembled to hear a speech by the Rev. Al Sharpton at Michigan State University´s Wharton Center Feb. 26, several attendees noted, with a touch of regret, that they were missing the MSU- Minnesota basketball game. Sharpton gave them reason to be happy with their choice, and not just because the Spartans lost that night. No Big 10 squad mixes defense with offense as deftly as Sharpton does all by himself.

The only way to honor the civil rights landmarks of previous generations, he said, is to “complete the journey.”

“The fight today is on criminal justice, preserving voting and democratizing health care,” he said. “The challenge is not just to recount and celebrate black history but to continue to make it.”

Lawrence Cosentino, “Offense and defense; Sharpton challenges Wharton Center crowd to make more black history”, Lansing City Pulse, March 4, 2015.