2017: Popular Science Picks Michigan As the Place to Be in 2100 A.D.

March 10, 2018 all-day


Season after season, extreme weather bombards the continental United States. Over the next 83 years, its cascading effects will force U.S. residents inward, upward, and away from newly uninhabitable areas. But don’t worry: We’ve mapped out how these factors will alter the country’s landscape in 2100.  Courtesy of Popular Science.

We already think Michigan is the greatest place to live in America. But according to Popular Science, it’ll be really great by 2100 AD – because it predicts climate change will make other areas of the country “uninhabitable.” (Womp.) The website uses a graphical video of about 90 seconds, called “Where to live in America, 2100 A.D.,” to show how the landscape of the United States will change over the next 83 years. It says sea levels could rise by up to 6.6 feet, the number of Category 4 & 5 hurricanes will double, tornadoes will be more severe and almost the entire country will be at greater risk of a drought. The video also points out the entire West could get hotter by several degrees, more wildfires will burn because of that and mosquitoes that carry pathogens will expand their range.

For the full article, see Brian Manzullo, “Michigan the best place to live by 2100 AD, Popular Science says“, Detroit Free Press, March 22, 2017.

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