1763 : James Kent Born, Namesake for Kent County

July 31, 2018 all-day

James Kent by Rembrandt Peale (c.1835)

James Kent (born July 31, 1763 in Fredericksburg, New York; died December 12, 1847 in New York City) was an Amrican jurist and legal scholar.

Some would consider him noteworthy for having helped establish the Phi Beta Kappa Society while at Yale in 1780; others for serving as a member of the New York Legislature;  the New York Supreme Court (becoming Chief Justice no less);  and a member of the New York State Constitutional Convention, as well as compiling the famous four volume  Commentaries on American Law in his spare time!

However, Michiganders will remember him for assisting the Territory with its legal fight against the state of Ohio over the Toledo Strip.  In appreciation for his efforts, they named Kent County and Kent City, Michigan in his honor.

Source : James Kent wikipedia entry.