1795 : Treaty of Greenville Signed

August 3, 2022 all-day

Treaty of Greenville painting from the Chicago History Museum

The Treaty of Greenville was signed at Fort Greenville (now Greenville, Ohio), on August 3, 1795, between a coalition of American Indian tribes and frontiermen, known as the Western Confederacy, and the United States following their loss at the Battle of Fallen Timbers. It ended the Northwest Indian War.

The United States was represented by General “Mad Anthony” Wayne, who led the victory at Fallen Timbers. In exchange for goods to the value of $20,000 (such as blankets, utensils, and domestic animals), the American Indian tribes ceded to the United States large parts of modern-day Ohio, the future site of downtown Chicago, the Fort Detroit area, Maumee, Ohio Area, and the Lower Sandusky Ohio Area.

Sources : Wikipedia.

Historical figures in painting, include : Anthony Wayne, Little Turtle, William Wells, William Henry Harrison, William Clark, Meriwether Lewis, Blue Jacket, Leather Lips, and Tarhe.

Michigan Historical Calendar, courtesy of the Clarke Historical Library at Central Michigan University.

Indian Reservations and Treaty Cessions Related to Michigan.  Compiled by Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University.  To find out information about specific treaties, just click on one of the numbers on the map (which corresponds to the treaty) or click on one of the links at the bottom.

Treaty Cessions in Michigan

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