1812 : First American Casualties of War of 1812 Occur at Turkey Creek

July 25, 2018 all-day

On July 25, 1812, six American soldiers died in the skirmish with a group of Indians near Turkey Creek, on the east side of the Detroit River, making it the first record of U.S. casualties in the War of 1812.

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On July 25 1812, the Americans suffer the first casualties of the war. There had been periodic skirmishes on the border,  near the River Canard, since the invasion of Upper Canada by General Hull. According to Robert Lucas, the night before, Major Denny with a detachment of about 150 men had gone out ’for the purpose of Waylaying and Cutting of a Detachment of Indians that was reported to be ranging in the woods.’ The next day Major Denny was ambushed by native warriors near Turkey Creek Bridge. Lucas reports that six American soldiers were killed while others say four Americans were killed. One of the dead was Avery Powers who received several shots thought his body was tomohawked but not scalped. According to some the ambush of the American force had been organized by Tecumseh. The Americans fought back but eventually retreated back to Sandwich. Lucas reports that some native warriors were killed and one was scalped. Lucas writes: ’Capt McCollock this day killed and Scalped an Indian it being the only Scalp that was taken’. This appears to have been the first recorded scalping of the war.


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