1812 : General William Hull Surrenders Detroit

August 16, 2018 all-day

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Under bombardment by British forces across the Detroit River, and fearing a massacre by the Indians accompaning General Brock’s troops, General William Hull surrenders Detroit on this day during the war of 1812. General Hull would be court-martialed for surrendering the city, cowardice, treason, and sentenced to death, but President James Madison would pardon him due to his services during the Revolutionary War.

One sad footnote: William Macomb and 29 other city leaders were shipped to Montreal to await ransom after the fall of Detroit. In this absence, British-allied Indian tribes ran amok. William’s young wife, who had just given birth, was forced out of her Grosse Ile home. The mansion burned, and she fled through the woods into the city; she and the infant shortly died of exposure.

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