1829 : The City of Jackson Officially Begins

July 4, 2018 all-day

The city of Jackson officially began July 4, 1829. Through the efforts of several men, Horace Blackman was able to stake his claim of 160 acres as was allowed by territorial law. Although Blackman was not the first to settle in the area he is credited with the first official claim, paying only $2 per acre. On January 16, 1830, the area settlement agreed on the name of ‘Jacksonburgh’ in honor or President Andrew Jackson.

By the spring of 1831, Jacksonburgh was a busy little village with several people in business. In summer of the same year the first school officially opened. Later in 1831, Jacksonburgh was declared the County Seat by Governor Lewis Cass bringing government to the area and the name was changed to ‘Jacksonopolis.’ And finally, in 1838, the city became known as simply ‘Jackson.’

For more information, see History of Jackson, Michigan

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