1854 : Anti-Slavery Fusion Convention Held in Jackson

July 6, 2018 all-day
On July 6, 1854, the anti-slavery “Fusion Convention” took place “under the oaks” in Jackson because the city hall did not have enough room for the estimated 1,000 people — 900 Free Soilers and 100 Whigs — who attended.
After a series of anti-slavery speeches, a squabble ensued about who would be appointed to what committee before the committee dispersed into “little squads” representing a congressional district. At the conclusion of the caucuses, a new political party was formed under the term “Republicans.”The Free Press article on the event concluded with this paragraph, “Thus far, the whigs are highly disgusted, and the ebonies, though exultant, are suspicious of their final triumph. The bill is bitter, and the old-line whigs can’t swallow it. The harmonious union anticipated is a total failure.”

Source: Michigan Every Day & Detroit Free Press

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