1862 : Michiganders Fight in Battle of Antietam, MD

September 17, 2023 all-day

Three Michigan officers played major parts in the Battle of Antietam : General Alpheus S. Williams, General Israel Richardson, and General Orlando Willcox.

In total, several thousand Michiganders fought; Michigan forces claimed approximately 360 casualties during the battle, the single bloodiest day in U.S. military history.

Whether one claims that Antietam was a draw or a victory, the battle enabled President Lincoln to issue the preliminary Emancipation shortly thereafter. And it prevented England and France from recognizing the Confederate States of America.


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Michigan at Antietam : the Wolverine State’s sacrifice on America’s bloodiest day / Jack Dempsey & Brian James Egen

Antietam by the Civil War Trust.

Battle of Antietam Youtube Video

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