1863 : Custer Leads Michigan Calvary Brigade at Gettysberg

July 3, 2024 all-day

Monument to the Michigan Cavalry Brigade at Gettysburg

It was unusual in the Union army for all the regiments in a brigade to be from the same state, but the Wolverine Brigade was one of the exceptions. Three days before the fighting started at Gettysburg they were assigned a new commander, promoted from Captain to Brigadier General in one step, the youngest general in the army, George Armstrong Custer.

Custer’s brigade clashed with Stuarts Confederate cavalry at the Battle of Hanover, Pennsylvania on May 30 and on July 2 at the Battle of Hunterstown a few miles north of Gettysburg. On July 3rd Custer and his Wolverines played a major role in defeating Confederate General Jeb Stuart’s attempted cavalry thrust around the Union army’s right flank. They would go on to be one of the elite units in the Union army.

From the monument:

This monument marks the field where the Michigan Cavalry Brigade under its gallant leader General George A. Custer rendered signal and distinguished service in assisting to defeat the further advance of a numerically superior force under the Confederate General J. E. B. Stuart which in conjunction with Pickett’s Charge upon the centre, attempted to turn the right flank of the Union Army at that critical hour of conflict upon the afternoon of July 3rd, 1863.

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Michigan Calvary Brigade Monument at Gettysburg and

Michigan Historic Marker at Gettysburg.