1881 : Thumb Burns

September 5, 2020 all-day

Image may contain: text that says 'MSTORIC GREAT FIRE OF 188E Small fires were burning in the forests of the Thumb tinder- after d long. hot summer, when 8 gale swept in from the southwest on Sept. 5. 1881 Fanned into an Inferno. the fires raged for three days. A million acres were devastated in Sanilac and Huron counties alone. At least 125 persons died. and thousands more were left destitute. The new American Red Cross won support for its prompt aid ο the fire victims. This was the first disaster reller furnished by this areat organization.'

On September 5, 1881, Michigan’s Great Thumb Fire began when gale force winds swept into the thumb area where small fires were already burning. The fire raged for three days, burned a million acres in Huron, Sanilac, Tuscola, and Lapeer counties, and killed at least 282 people.