1882: Founder of Stroh’s Beer Dies

June 24, 2024 all-day


Bernard Stroh ( (August 20, 1822-June 24, 1882) was born in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany and learned the beer brewing trade from his father.   Around the time of the German Revolution, he left his homeland in 1848, and joined a group of German settlers in Brazil for three years before deciding to try his luck in America Instead.

As luck would have it, he made his way through the Erie Canal to Buffalo, NY, and then traveled by boat to Detroit  Venturing by foot into the city, he liked what he saw and decided to stay.

With a few hundred left from the Brazilian business venture he started a small brewery at 57 Catherine Street in Detroit. Soon after establishing his German brewery local patrons in Detroit acquired a desired taste for his German lager beer. Bernard Stroh would have his sons personally cart small kegs of beer to his customers by wheelbarrow.

The Stroh Brewery around 1864, next to the Stroh family mansion.

By 1890 his sons, Julius and Bernhard Jr., were shipping beer around the Great Lakes.  Stroh’s Beer would remain in the family until around 2000.


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