1905 : Ty Cobb Plays His First Game As Detroit Tiger

August 30, 2022 all-day

Ty Cobb

On August 30, 1905, Tiger fans got their first glimpse of a tall 18-year-old named Tyrus Raymond Cobb.  The new player threw right-handed, but batted left-handed, and would eventually known as the Georgia Peach.

In his twenty-four year major league career with the Tigers, and later the Philadelphia Athletics, Ty Cobb amassed statistics never before seen. He compiled a career .367 batting average, scored 2,245 runs, and was the game’s leader in hits until Pete Rose broke his record in the 1980s. Arguably his best season was 1911 when he led the league in every offensive category except for homeruns, batting an astonishing .420.

In 1936, he was the first player inducted in to the Hall of Fame. Also a shrewd businessman, Cobb haggled annually with Detroit management over contracts. He invested his earnings wisely, primarily in General Motors and Coca-Cola, becoming baseball’s first millionaire.

For more information about baseball during Cobb’s era, see Cobb Would Have Caught It: the Golden Age of Baseball in Detroit by Richard Bak.

The Tiger wore spikes an informal biography of Ty Cobb by John McCallum. Also available online.

Source : Michigan Historical Calendar, courtesy of the Clarke Historical Library at Central Michigan University.

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