1912 : Suffragette Speaks to 3000 Auto Workers at Ford Plant in Detroit

August 12, 2022 all-day

According to the August 21, 1912 Detroit Free Press, women’s rights advocate Rev. Ida C. Hultin of Boston addressed approximately 3000 Ford Motor Company workers at noon exhorting the need for women to receive the vote. It was one of many speeches given in the Detroit area by the suffragette.

Source : “Woman Talks Suffrage to Auto Workers at Ford Plant : Miss Ida C. Hultin Expounds Cause From Soap Box to Noon Hour Crowd. Many in Throng Ply Her With Questions House to House Canvass in Votes for Woman Campaign Has been Inaurgerated”. Detroit Free Press, August 21, 1912, p.3. For more information from yesteryear, consult the online Historical Detroit Free Press, 1858-1922 available at the Michigan State University Library.

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