1915 : The Newill Smith Automobile Tax Law Expected to Generate $1,750,000 in Tax Revenue

July 23, 2018 all-day

The Newill Smith Automobile Tax Law is expected to generate about $1,750,00 in fees for the coming year; only half of that amount will be returned to counties where it is collected. The tax will be calculated based on 25 cents tax on horsepower and 25 cents per hundred pounds of car. The ordinary Ford car should cost about $11 in taxes.

NEW AUTO TAX TO NET STATE IN FEES ABOUT $1,750,000: Only Half This Amount Will Be Returned to Counties Where Paid. ESTIMATED THAT 135,000 TAGS WILL BE SOLD IN 1916 Cost of Ford License Will Be About $11; Other Makes Higher., Detroit Free Press, July 24, 1915. [Note access to the Detroit Free Press available to the MSU community or to visitors of the Main Library.]

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