1918 : Michigan Gripped by Spanish Influenza; MAC Quarantined

October 16, 2018 all-day

President Kedzie’s bid to lift the quarantine on the Michigan Agricultural College campus was overruled by Dr. R. M. Olin of State Health Board.

Facemasks were distributed to students at the University of Michigan; public gatherings including a concert by Caruso on the the Unviersity of Michigan campus were cancelled.

MAC President Frank Kedzie and Governor Albert Sleeper announced that the MAC-University of Michigan football game scheduled for the coming weekend has been cancelled due to the mounting number of Spanish influenza cases that had  afflicted the college campus and communities across Michigan.

A plea for help came from Boyne City, a town of 5000, with 2000 cases of Spanish influenza, and only one doctor.

For more information, see 41 DIE, 1,821 STATE GRIP CASES IN DAY: Michigan-M. A. C. Football Game Cancelled; Caruso Concert Cancelled in Ann Arbor…Special to The Free Press, Detroit Free Press (1858-1922); Oct 17, 1918; ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Detroit Free Press (1831-1922)

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