1928 : Michigan State College President Resigns

May 22, 2018 all-day

On May 22, 1928, Dr. Kenyon Butterfield resigned as president of Michigan State College (MSC) effective immediately after a series of issues with the State Board of Agriculture. Butterfield came to MSC from the Massachusetts Agricultural College and brought two of his friends with him, giving them newly created jobs with salaries above those of other college officials.

This, along with his emphasis on “continuing education” after the Legislature refused to grant funds for the work, drew the ire of the board. However, it was the discovery of a $224,000 deficit in the college books along with recommended salary increases of $135,000 that pushed matters over the edge.

Butterfield’s resignation came shortly after his 10-week trip to the Holy Land and the Board fired the two highly-paid friends from Massachusetts.

Source: “M.S.C. Head Quits Under Fire“, Detroit Free Press, May 23, 1924, p.1.

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