1929 : Stout Airlines Reaches Milestone, 100,000 Passengers

December 11, 2018 all-day

On Dec. 11, 1929, Stout Airlines became the nation’s first airline to carry 100,000 passengers. The company served the upper Great Lakes region, relying heavily on the Ford Trimotor “Tin Goose” airplanes. Here is some copy from a 1929 Stout timetable: “There is no monotony of travel on the Stout Airlines. The country over which you travel has been carefully studied and a route has been selected which is most entertaining. The countryside does not rush by at a furious pace but unrolls under your eyes calmly and splendidly. Constantly your attention is drawn from one unique view to another – a picturesque village, a glistening lake, a highway with tiny creeping automobiles, a passing plane or a great stretch of colorful woodlands.” Stout was later absorbed by United Airlines.

Source : Joe Grimm, This Week in Michigan History, December 10, 2006, B.4,

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