1930 : Hilda Mueller of Bay City Wins First National Championship in Hydroplane Boat Racing

October 11, 2018 all-day

For a few seasons in 1930 and 1931, Hilda Johanna Mueller of Bay City was the darling of the National Outboard Association, winning numerous races in hydroplane boat racing. On Memorial Day, 1930, she set her first world record reaching 38.528i mph in Worcester, Massachusetts. On October 16, she broke another record in Middletown, Connecticut, winning the national championship, and on October 11, 1931 won another national championship in Lake Merritt (Oakland, CA). During the 1931 season she would go on to break six world records. In 1933, she married Earl Wuepper and left her glory days behind, deciding instead to raise a family.

For the full article, see Geoffrey Reynolds, “Hilda Mueller : The Queen of Speed”, Michigan History, January/February 2013, pp. 31-35.

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