1936 : Wright Brothers Bicycle Shop Moves it To Dearborn Village

July 2, 2018 all-day

On July 2, 1936, Henry Ford purchased the Wright brothers’ Dayton, Ohio, bicycle shop and Home And Moves them to Greenfield Village.

It was on July 2nd, 1936 that Henry Ford purchased the Wright Brothers’ home as well as their Cycle Shop. He had the buildings carefully taken apart and even removed the dirt under each to be removed to Greenfield Village. By November of that year both buildings were gone from Dayton. On the 71st anniversary of Wilbur’s birth, April 16, 1938, the two restored buildings were formally dedicated inside Ford’s open-air museum. Orville himself was a guest of honor at the dedication.


Wright Brothers’ Home, Greenfield Village Open Air Museum Blog, November 19, 2008.

Mich-Again’s Day says Ford bought the Wright Brothers home and bicycyle shop on July 3rd.

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