1943 ; Robert Fish Helps Organize Operation Carpetbagger in WWII

October 24, 2021 all-day

Robert Fish, a native of Gladwin, MI, joined the Army Air Corps in 1939, received his wings in 1940, and would serve in the military for the next 30 years.

During World War II, he played an instrumental role in planning and executing a secret military operation : “Operation Carpetbagger”. The Carpetbaggers completed 1860 sorties, delivering 20,495 packages of supplies to resistance fighters, and released more than 1000 Joes and Josephines (parachutists) into enemy territy between January 1944 and May 1945.

For more information, see Bernice Miller Sizemore, Remembering Michigan’s Carpetbaggers, Michigan History, January/February 2013, pp. 47-51.

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