1969 : Sanjay Gupta Born in Novi

October 23, 2019 all-day

Sanjay Gupta, born on October 23, 1979 in Novi,  is a notable American neurosurgeon, medical reporter,  and writer.

In the 1960s, Gupta’s parents  moved from India prior to their marriage and met in Livonia, Michigan, where they worked as engineers for Ford Motor Company.   Gupta  graduated from Novi High School, and Gupta went on to receive his Bachelor of Science degree in biomedical sciences  at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and his M.D. degree from the University of Michigan Medical School in 1993. He was part of Inteflex , a since discontinued accelerated medical education program that accepted medical students directly from high school.

Gupta is known for his many TV appearances on health-related issues. First and foremost, he is the Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN. He is the host of the CNN show Sanjay Gupta MD for which he has won multiple Emmy Awards.. Gupta also hosted the 6 part mini series, Chasing Life. He is a frequent contributor to other CNN programs such as American MorningLarry King LiveCNN Tonight, and Anderson Cooper 360°. His reports from Charity HospitalNew Orleans, Louisiana, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina led to him winning a 2006 Emmy Award for Outstanding Feature Story in a Regularly Scheduled Newscast. He is also a special correspondent for CBS News.

Gupta publishes a column in Time magazine. He has written three books: Chasing LifeCheating Death, and Monday Mornings: A Novel.


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