1970 : MSU Board of Trustees Approves the College of Osteopathic Medicine

September 17, 2018 all-day

On September 17, 1970, the MSU Board of Trustees approved the College of Osteopathic Medicine as MSU’s 16th College and the nation’s first such publicly-supported institution.

The Michigan College of Osteopathic Medicine actually started in Pontiac in 1969. The Michigan Legislature approved Public Act 162 in July 1969 calling for the establishment of a school of osteopathic medicine at one of the three major universities — MSU, Wayne State, or the University of Michigan. In Spetember MSU submitted a position paper outlining what conditions would need to be met for MSU to take over such a school. A month later the State Board of Education designated MSU as the site for the proposed school.

Source : Bob Roach, “Osteopathic College Concept Termed Unique”, Michigan State News, October 20, 1970.

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