1970 : MSU Called Unresponsive to Needs of Chicanos, American Indians, and Community College Students

October 19, 2018 all-day

President Wharton’s Commission on Admissions and Student Body Composition heard representatives of La Raza say the university was unresponsive to their needs. A few of their demands included more flexible admissions, more financial aid Chicano staff members including instructors, and 400 new Chicano undergraduate admissions by the fall of 1971.

American Indian representative also testified that they were tired of being lumped under the minority category and getting lost in the shuffle. There was a need for a university program for American Indians and a minimum $50,000 scholarship allotment. Since there are at least 20,000 American Indians residing in Michigan, MSU should have at least 200 in this college.

Representatives from the state’s community colleges complained that MSU was not accepting community college courses, requiring students to retake the same courses in police administration, business administration, and journalism for credit and in some cases by the same faculty who were formally graduate students at MSU.

For the full article, see Diane Petryk, “Chicanos Consider U Unresponsive to Needs”, State News, October 20, 1970, p. 1 and 6.

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