1988 : Last American Playboy Club Closes in Lansing

July 31, 2018 all-day

Lansing State Journal photo.

The last of the Playboy Clubs, located in the Hilton Inn in Lansing, Michigan, once employed 45 “bunnies.” According to Time magazine (July 25, 1988), the scanty outfits and cottontails donned by the last remaining 12 bunnies were packed away for good after their last day of work in July.

The door bunny was long gone, and so was the photo bunny and the gift bunny. The survivors, all unmarried and all age 21 to 32, were part-time workers who average, said Bunny Chelsea, about $200 for three evenings of work a week.

When the club opened in 1982, several thousand people plunked down $25 apiece for the “keycard” required for admittance. Bethaney Poll, a former local bunny who now is a legal secretary, recalled the club in 1983: `”I can remember people lined up out to the sidewalk. The place was always packed. We had 17 bunnies then, and I made as much money in three days as I do now in a week.” By 1987, business had declined so much that the room was opened to the public.

Last Playboy Club Closes

Nathan Cobb, “Playboy Club Closing Signals End Of An Era”, Boston Globe, August 9, 1988.

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