1999 : MSU Takes 2nd Place Regarding 25 Biggest College Riots of All Time

May 27, 2022 all-day

Make no mistake, campus riots have been a phenomenon for pretty much as long as colleges have existed. Don’t believe us? Consider this: Student protests at the University of Paris in 1229 led to the school’s closing for more than two years. Of course, riot gear and tear gas have entered the picture in more recent centuries, ensuring that an episode of that magnitude never occurs again.

Whether you agree with the choices or not, a recent web posting placed Michigan State University at number two as a result of a riot which started in Cedar Village off campus.

May 27, 1999 ; Between 5,000 and 10,000 disappointed fans unleashed their frustration upon the streets of East Lansing following Sparty’s loss to Duke in the 1999 NCAA Final Four. The mob set fire to anything in its path, including couches and cars. In all, 132 were arrested—including 71 students—following the affair, and assessments of damage were as high as $500,000. Reports circulated that a Taco Bell window was smashed, but no worries: The culprit was able to prepare himself a taco before the large-scale looting of the business took place. Cinnamon twists, anyone?

As a result of the unruliness, Cedar Fest was officially banned by the East Lansing Police, although a few attempts were made to revive it in later years.

2. Michigan State Fans Mob After Loss

Image via Spartan Post

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