2000 : Peggy Lue McCreery (a Potawatomi) Traces Her Ancestors Back to Southeast Michigan

October 23, 2018 all-day

Peggy Lue McCreery has a hunger in her soul for trees, for the shade of maples and oaks, for the silvery rustle of a birch in the wind.

Season after season she has tried to coax a leafy bower from the red earth of the Oklahoma plains, planting oaks and poplar seedlings she found in Chicago. She didn’t understand her longing for tall trees until her husband discovered he had married into a family of American Indians, the Potawatomi (Pot-ah-WAT-ah-mee).

Her ancestors once lived where the trees were so thick, legend has it, a squirrel could cross from branch to branch from Lake Michigan to Lake Erie and never touch the ground.

For the full article, see Jennifer Dixon, “She Finds Her Roots Are Indian, In Michigan Woman Discovers Pride in Potawatomi Heritage”, Detroit Free Press, October 23, 2000.

Note: The Michigan State University Provides Online Access to the Detroit Free Press via Proquest Gannett Newstand.

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