2001 : Michigan Legislator Expelled

May 24, 2018 all-day

On May 24, 2001, Sen. David Jaye (R-Washington Township) became the first person booted from the Senate.  However, he was not the first person booted from the Michigan Legislature.

The Macomb County maverick, ultra-conservative had been charged, but never convicted, of physically assaulting his fiancé on two separate occasions. He was also accused of inappropriate behavior for having sexually explicit photos on his Senate-owned computer and with verbal assault of Senate staff. Jaye had earlier been thrice convicted on drunken driving charges.

Just before he was expelled, a defiant Jaye said his only crime was his anti-establishment political views. Just two senators voted against the expulsion — Jaye and Sen. Don Koivisto, an Upper Peninsula Democrat.

After getting the boot, he sought re-election but did not win.

Rep. Monte Geralds was expelled from the Michigan House in 1978 after being convicted of embezzling from a law client. He undertook his expulsion with dignity and grace.

And even farther back, Rep. Milo Dakin of Saginaw, a shingle inspector, serving his second term in the House, was expelled in April 1887 for trying to bribe his colleagues. Rep. Dakin declined to vote on the measure to expel himself.

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April 28, 1887 : Rep. Milo Dakin of Saginaw Was the First Legislator Expelled in Michigan

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