2001 : President Clinton Visits Michigan State University, Receives Basketball Jersey At Breslin Center

January 9, 2018 all-day
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On January 9, 2001, President William Jefferson Clinton began a final national tour with an appearance at the Breslin Center on the Michigan State University campus.

Prior to his 1992 election and throughout his tenure, Clinton visited East Lansing and Michigan State University a number of times. In 1992, MSU was the site of a presidential debate with Clinton, George Bush Sr. and H. Ross Perot.

“If I were to come back one more time I’d owe partial tuition,” joked Clinton.

Part of the reason for the presidential visit was to honor the 2000 Spartans for their national NCAA men’s basketball championship. Coach Tom Izzo and 2000 player Mateen Cleaves gave Clinton a No. 1 basketball jersey.

However, Clinton also took time to recognize many Michigan Democrats and review his economic policies.

Source : “Clinton Recognizes East Lansing, MSU In Final Tour”, Inside MIRS Today, January 9, 2003

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