2006 : President Gerald Ford Dies

December 28, 2021 all-day

Photo of President Ford in 1974 from Wikipedia

Former U.S. President Gerald R. Ford has died at age 93. The 38th president of the United States, Gerald Ford took office when the Watergate scandal forced Richard Nixon from the presidency. He is best known as a man who helped the country get through this dark period in American political history. He also oversaw the U.S.s withdrawal from the Vietnam War.

The nation has lost a president, but Michigan has lost a native son who honored us with his service to our state and the nation. President Fords leadership and decency were exhibited throughout his life, from the University of Michigan where he was a championship athlete, to the halls of Congress where he served with great distinction, and later to the presidency where he helped heal the nation during one of the most difficult periods of our history. Governor Jennifer Granholm.

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