2013 : Detroit Lion Jason Hanson Retires After 21 Seasons

April 4, 2023 all-day

Jason Hanson played more games for the Detroit Lions than any player has ever played for any single NFL team, and the Lions announced today, after Hanson announced his retirement, that Hanson will remain an ever-present part of the team as the newest member of its Ring of Honor.

Hanson noted that when he first joined the Lions, teammate Barry Sanders called him “Baby J” because he looked like a little kid. Hanson’s nickname in the locker room during his last season was “Pops.” From Baby to Pops, that’s a long journey with one team.

Hanson holds NFL records for most 50-yard field goals (52) and games played with one team (327), and ranks third in league history in total field goals (495) and points (2,150).

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For another article, see Tom Murray, “Jason Hanson: 20 Years with the Detroit Lions”, Hour Detroit, December 2011.

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