2015: Lake Michigan’s Underwater Stonehenge

May 22, 2022 all-day

Stonehenge is creepy enough as is, but finding another Stonehenge underwater? That’s just too much for us to handle. That’s exactly what divers found though, in what we used to think wasn’t a very mysterious place: Lake Michigan.

The lake isn’t well known for archaeological mysteries, so when divers found the ring of stones under the water, it was a huge surprise. The structure looks just like the Stonehenge on the British Isles and got constructed in 10,000 BC. The stones have the familiar circular pattern and even have a carving of a mastodon in them. Because they’re underwater, they have degraded much more than the above-water Stonehenge. Researchers can still see the pattern though. Nobody really knows how they got there, or why they bear such a resemblance to Stonehenge.

Our biggest problem is that doing research requires scientists to go underwater, which isn’t ideal conditions to do scientific work. Leading theories say that back in ancient history, Lake Michigan was dry, and climate change slowly filled it up with water. Okay, we can buy that, but it doesn’t really explain how the ancient Michiganders decided to build the same stone ring as the people on the other side of the Atlantic. Did they have contact with the ancient people of the British Isles, or did ancient Michiganders and ancient Brits descend from the same group of people? Whatever the case, this made Michigan 500-percent more mysterious than it was before. We don’t want to say aliens did it, but …

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Rock Carving of a Mastadon Found at the Underwater Stonehenge of Lake Michigan. Image of Mastadon appears at 1:10 mark.

Under Water Stonehenge Found in Lake Michigan | Secrets of the Underground courtesy of Discovery UK.

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