2016 : Google Santa Village

December 24, 2021 all-day



Check out Google Santa Tracker liftoff.

For more fun, explore, play, and learn with the Santa’s elves at  Google’s Santa Village/Santa Tracker page.

For 12 years now, an entire generation of excited kids have spent Christmas Eve with their eyes glued to the computer watching Santa Claus circle the globe. Over the past few holiday seasons, Google has pulled out all the stops for an interactive holiday experience that runs from the start of the month until Christmas Eve.

Every day, a new activity goes live in Santa’s Village along with the countdown to the big sleigh ride. These experiences range from games that teach basic coding skills, geography and languages along with introductions to charitable educational organizations.

New activities for 2016 include customizable Snowflake Cards to share with friends and web games called Penguin Dash, Wrap Battle and Reindeer Runner.

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