2019 : Rare Lynx Spotted in Michigan

February 16, 2024 all-day

Hunter Soper, 16 from Lexington, MI caught this rare lynx walking through his front yard on Saturday, February 16, 2019 at 9:30 am. His dog woke him by barking at the lynx that she spotted out of Hunter’s bedroom window. He grabbed his phone and began filming. It was a sight he will not forget!

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources confirmed the animal spotted wandering in the woods was a rare lynx.

The DNR said officials examined a video recorded in February by Monique Touchette-Soper of Lexington, who spotted the feline wandering in a wooded area near her home.

Michigan State University lists only three confirmed lynx sightings in Michigan since 2003. The animals are listed as threatened by the federal government.

When it comes to identifying a cat as a lynx, it’s not the eyes that have it, but the ears. The lynx is known by the tuft of black hair on the tips of its ears and its short or bobbed tail. In fact, one species of lynx is called a bobcat! All lynx have these tufts, but their purpose isn’t completely clear.

The black tail, ear tufts, and large feet characteristic of Canada lynx are shown clearly in this picture.

Source : Ben Hooper, “Michigan experts confirm lynx sighting in state“, UPI, March 1, 2019.