2020 : Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine Begins Shipping

December 13, 2021 all-day

The first batch of coronavirus vaccines was loaded onto trucks at a Pfizer plant in Portage, Michigan, and shipped out across the country on Sunday morning, a landmark moment in the fight against the deadly virus.

Freight trucks carrying about 184,275 vials of vaccine departed the plant, and the combined 189 boxes of vaccine vials are expected to arrive in all 50 states on Monday.
Another 3,900 vials are expected to ship later Sunday to United States territories, and 400 boxes packed with about 390,000 vials will ship Monday to arrive on Tuesday. There are five doses of vaccine per vial, according to Pfizer.
The excitement surrounding the shipment even brought out small groups of cheering spectators. At Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where the vaccine was loaded onto a FedEx cargo plane, Vicki Royce and her husband gathered outside the facility in celebration.
“This is so exciting — this is history!” Royce told CNN. “The first vaccines are going out. I’m like crying here.”
From its origin in Michigan, the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine will arrive to about 600 sites across the US in the coming days.

Source :  Madeline Holcombe and Eric Levenson, “First batch of coronavirus vaccine ships out from Pfizer plant for all 50 states”, CNN News, December 13, 2020.