May 6, 2012 : A 51st State That Never Happened

May 6, 2022 all-day

The State of Superior. The Upper Peninsula, plus, at various times, parts of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois. This new state was the vision of a separatist movement that began in the 1820s, when some U.P. residents wanted to form their own state.

Other names considered over the years for the proposed state included Chippewa, Huron, Huronia and Clover-Land. The official movement faded away in the late 1970s, although you still occasionally see a bumper sticker supporting the cause.

And the issue was also brought up in again in 2012 by the Marquette County Board of Commissioners over taxation issues.

For the full article, see Zlati Meyer, “You haven’t lived here until … You visit the State of Superior”, Detroit Free Press, June 26, 2011.

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Peggy Walsh-Sarnecki, “51st state? Yoopers are talking up secession from Michigan again”, Detroit Free Press, May 6, 2012.

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